13 August 2012

WOW . . . a whole year has passed us by since I last wrote to you all, but what an amazing one it has been for Richard and I ! ! !

It is now the middle of August – 2 years and 1 month after the first spade struck into our land to start the building our little Pondokkie on our isolated and very exposed koppie and the beginning of our Karoo adventure and living both our dreams.

Our Karoo Koppie – amass of flowers

January 2009– after putting up tool shed

July 2009 – Richard surveying his 8000sqm of Karoo

July 2011 . . . . And now . . .Our Karoo Home

Our 2 Karoo Cottages on a late & chilly April 2011 day.

Whoever thought working for yourself was going to be ‘a stroll in the park . . . or walk through the Karoo’ . . . and as some of you have said, " You thought that we moved to the Karoo for the quiet slow life" - well you are completely mistaken, and I think that we missed the plot somewhere along the way as well. Richard and I have never worked harder, 7 days a week with long hours and 4 days off last year – since moving permanently at the end of January 2010 and 4 days earlier this year. . . but the upside being all the weight loss and living in a safe and perfect haven without too many worries, but the downside is not having enough time to really enjoy our beautiful village of Prince Albert . . . savouring a glass of red vino on our lovely stoeps and taking in the magnificent views of the Swartberg.

The good news though, is that we are making headway and the operating of our business is starting to settle down nicely and run smoothly . . . . so shouldn’t be too long now before we can start relaxing awhile . . .

On the business side, Karoo View Cottages are beginning to become known as a little destination and definitely a place to ‘unwind’ from the stresses of the city . . . Richard and I still sit in awe with what we are so very lucky to have found - as our little piece of koppie is so uniquely positioned . . . . being elevated and thus giving you views over the village and at the same time views of the magnificent Swartberg to the South and the Karoo plains to the North . . . there is no other house or establishment in the village which has this view . . . . and at the same time being only 350m off the main street of the village, which makes it so convenient for our guests who want to take a stroll into the village and yet who want to feel that they are out in the country with complete peace, quiet, tranquillity and surrounded by the natural landscapes, our beautiful sky and the air filled with the voices of the numerous birds.

We have had the most amazing assortment of guests and are really humbled when we read the Guest comments in our guest books – this is when reality ‘kicks in’ and we are able to appreciate what we have created and are still creating for other people, our friends and families to enjoy . . . and we hope to be able to continue to share our dream and haven with others who seek the same. . . .

I started writing this a few weeks ago and then of course put it on the back burner as we got busy again but after reading what I had written decided that as so much time had passed us by that I would have to send you updates in sequels as there is just too much to share, but wanted to get this going again as we have had so many requests, so this is the first update with others to follow. (If at any point should any of you not want to receive please let us know, as no offense will be taken.)

Today is one of those glorious Karoo Winter days where the sun is shining, not a cloud in the sky, nor breath of wind, yet a refreshing chill in the air coming off the mountains . . . there has got to be some snow up there somewhere . . . but not on our side of the mountain yet, . . . but wait it may still come.

Karoo View, courtesy of Eban Geldenhys, a few months ago. View from the house and cottages of snow a week ago August 2011.

Sending love to you all – Julie, Dad / Richard

We miss you all ! ! !

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